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Pilates Fit Studio is a host studio for The Pilates Center of Boulder, CO, school for Classical Pilates. The Pilates Center of Boulder is one of the oldest and most comprehensive teacher training programs in the Pilates industry.

Shelly Ruggiano heads the program at Pilates Fit Studio and advises the students in the studio. If you are interested in becoming a teacher, want to heighten your teaching practice with our teaching clinics, or are completely devoted to practicing Pilates and want a deeper investigation of the work, ask us about the various programs.

Learn about the programs

The Taylor Sisters

Two sisters, Amy Taylor Alpers and Rachel Taylor Segel, trained under Romana Kryzanowska, Joseph Pilates’ protege and inheritor of his studio in NYC. This lineage is significant because Amy & Rachel have strived to foster the legacy and tradition of the original, classical method of Pilates. They founded their studio in Boulder in 1990. These women make it their mission to heal the world by teaching Pilates, and their passion and commitment to maintaining the integrity of the method inspires others to become teachers.

In the picture: Kelli Burkhalter, Shelly Ruggiano, Amy Taylor Alpers, Kailey Larson. Photo taken at TPC

Teaching Clinics

Teaching Skill Clinics: where instructors and Trainees come together to discuss + explore movement

Teaching Clinics happen once a month at the studio. They are required for students of the TPC program, and we welcome students from other programs, teachers, and enthusiasts to participate.

The intention of the teaching skills and symposium is to provide a forum for trainees in which to discuss issues related to teaching Pilates that might come up for them throughout the year of study; to develop more deeply into the required reading material and anatomy study.

Come prepared. Bring your study materials, your journals, your inquisitive minds, ready to ask questions and share your experiences with the group.

Please note that each month has a general theme or focus on the area of the body. You might consider organizing your attention for each month in all areas of your apprenticeship (lessons, observations, practice teaching, anatomical study, personal workouts) on that same area of focus to further support your learning, so that by the end of the month you will have a well-rounded grasp of the material. This will allow you to concentrate on smaller amounts of information at a time to make the program more manageable and potentially less overwhelming. As with the lectures, the symposium cycle repeats itself in the second half of the year, providing you the opportunity to consciously explore what might seem to be the same material at the next higher level of your understanding.

Teaching clinics are 1-2 hours

– $25 per hour

Contact to inquire