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The Workout Your Body Was Meant to Have

  • Looking to tone your whole body?
  • Want to work on your posture so you stand taller and move with ease?
  • Need to use corrective exercise when recovering from an injury?
  • Ready to feel confident and strong after kids?

You’re in the right place. Start your Pilates training at Pilates Fit Studio today!

Our Focus Is on You and Your Goals

Your certified and skilled Pilates trainer will meet you right where you are to bring you to your best body so you have lasting results and more energy to put towards the things that matter most to you in life.

You will tone and reshape your whole body, improve joint health and posture through the Classical Method of Pilates. We offer private and duet sessions, as well as small group classes on the reformer, tower, mat, and specialty classes for those with osteoporosis or any back issues.

Pilates has helped me increase strength and flexibility, and given me so much more energy. Even my husband has noticed a difference in my body, which is a bonus!

~Katheryn Anderson

Pilates Fit Studio Services

New Student Specials

New Student Specials

Private & Duet lessons

Private & Duet lessons

Teacher and Student Workshops

Teacher and Student Workshops

Small Group Classes

Small Group Classes

The Authentic Classical Pilates Method

Classical Pilates is the most authentic and original form of the Pilates Method of Body Conditioning. Pilates uses springs and body weight exercises on specialized apparatus. The springs resist in both directions helping you to tone and sculpt more efficiently and effectively.

Integrity is what defines our instructors, and as teachers we take responsibility in remaining true to the integrity of the method. At Pilates Fit, we give you the complete Classical Pilates experience by teaching you only Classical Pilates and using the authentic apparatus made by GRATZ Industries. GRATZ Industries was asked by Mr. Pilates to manufacture Pilates equipment. GRATZ continues to manufacture and maintain the specific dimensions and proportions for Classical Pilates to strengthen bodies of every age and size.

While Joseph Pilates is no longer alive, his method is carrying on through those who have preserved his work and upheld his teaching.

New Client Specials

Choose one of our intro offers and get started on your health and wellness goals.

Intro Private Lesson


Intro 1 week unlimited equipment & Mat Class


Duet Intro Lesson

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