What To Expect At Your First Pilates Lesson

Many of us have done a little bit of Pilates at some point; Pilates-style moves are found in plenty of workouts that incorporate yoga or bodyweight exercises. But it’s another thing to step into an actual Authentic Pilates studio and find yourself face-to-face with the famous reformer.

Apart from the commonly known reformer, you will find the studio packed with every piece of functional Pilates equipment Joseph Pilates invented. Wall units, Cadillac, Arm Chair, Wunda Chair, High Chair, Toe and Foot correctors, Ped-u-pull, Neck tenso-meters, baby barrel, spine corrector, high barrel, Airplane boards, and magic circles. Yep, you read all those apparatuses correctly…and we use them all in our private and small group sessions! Continue reading “What To Expect At Your First Pilates Lesson”

The Abdominal Series – Pilates Video to Sculpt Your Abs

The Pilates series of five is a popular sequence of Pilates ab exercises that you can put in any workout you do. At the studio, we teach this series in all mat classes and often throw it in at the end of a reformer class or incorporate it into a chair and tower class. There is no better series to sculpt your abs.

If you can’t get to the studio as often as you would like to then you can do this Pilates abs video at home to continue developing a strong and healthy body. Please pay attention to the modifications in the video to stay safe while still challenging your body. Continue reading “The Abdominal Series – Pilates Video to Sculpt Your Abs”