Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Have you decided enough is enough and it’s time to find a fitness program that is right for YOU?

It’s easy to get confused with all the options for fitness out there. I’m a movement lover and will try just about anything. But…long term, trendy fusion fitness work outs have never worked for me. What works for me may not work for you. I’m a Pilates lover. An authentic Pilates lover. I like the original apparatus made by GRATZ Industries, the Classical format, and to get nice and sweaty while stretching and strengthening. When I’m not doing Pilates, I’m walking my dogs and chasing after my five-year-old.

What will Pilates do for you?

  1. Tone and reshape your whole body
  2. Help you feel confident and strong after kids
  3. Improve your posture and joint health
  4. Corrective exercise for bad knees, shoulders, and backs
  5. Specialty adaptations for osteoporosis and injury recovery
  6. Small group classes on specialized apparatus. Because individual attention makes all the difference. Your class will be no more than (4) people on the apparatus and (6) on the mat.

Common Pitfalls in fitness.

  1. Jumping into a trend fitness place that’s not right for you.
  2. Working at a level that is not right for you.
  3. Classes so large you are just another number in the crowd and have no individual corrections.
  4. Being pushed past your limit and getting injured.
  5. Setting unrealistic goals for your schedule and life.

Finding the right teacher.

  1. Do your research. Ask friends, family, or body worker like a massage therapist for a referral
  2. Shop around and Google search a few places.
  3. Check credentials and style
  4. Make some calls.
    • Ask the person on the phone what they offer. If what they offer fits your needs, tell them your story and what you’re looking for. If it’s a match, schedule a lesson.
    • Schedule at the places you feel a connection with. Studio’s usually offer an introductory lesson, so you can try before you commit.
    • If a teacher is new to Pilates, don’t discount them. They may have other fitness modalities under their belt. Or…their personal teaching style might fit your needs.
    • Pick your trainer and start moving!

If you answered yes to one or all of these things being a good fit, you’re in the right place. Pilates is for you. You will have long term, lasting results, so you can put your energy towards the things that matter most to you in life.

Erica Walters, Pilates Fit Studio Owner & Teacher

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