Oh my god..my abs!

Spring has sprung! I was worried we might have winter through May like we did last year, but spring is in fact showing up and the studio is buzzing with freshness and excitement.

Oh my god…my abs! Is something I have put together for those who are wanting to shed the winter weight and tighten up the waist.

You can do this quick video in 8 minutes to target every muscle in your core, and can be done anywhere.

Why Classical Pilates Rocks:

  • Reshape your body developing strength and flexibility
  • Develops long, lean muscles
  • Can be modified for all fitness levels
  • Leave your sessions with more energy than when you walked in
  • Increase bone health, muscle tone, and balance
  • Improve circulation and increase mobility
  • Enjoy activities without achy joints
  • Achy backs build strength in the core muscles to alleviate tension

Please feel free to share this with a friend. Happy Spring!

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