The Authentic Method of Pilates


Our Mission Is Simple.

As the premier Pilates studio in Pewee Valley and East Louisville, Pilates Fit Studio is a place of community and transformation. We enhance people’s lives by restoring health to the body through the Classical Pilates Method.

Corrective Exercise

This is what makes Classical Pilates so special. Pilates will teach you the proper form to facilitate movement from the correct muscles and work on balancing muscle strength. Not only will Pilates give you gorgeous abs, but it will also create symmetry in the body, better alignment, and give you more energy to put towards the things that matter most in life.

Integrity Of The Method

Integrity is what defines our teachers and Pilates Fit Studio. In order to teach at Pilates Fit Studio in Peewee Valley, teachers must have completed a 600+ hour comprehensive certification in the Authentic Pilates Method. We are preserving the original work created by Joseph Pilates over 100 years ago. With new platforms and methodologies coming out every day, Pilates Fit Studio is a place to learn the work as it was intended, on the original and historical apparatus.

Joseph H. Pilates spent his life perfecting his method. Experience what a century of tradition can do for you.