Semi-Private Pilates Small Groups

Ditch the crowds. Individual attention makes all the difference.

Each semi-private Pilates session is a small group of (3-4) participants. You will receive detailed instructions, hands-on cues for proper alignment, and individual attention to address your unique challenges. Our semi-private groups will sculpt a long, lean body that’s strong and stable to the core.

We have semi-private Pilates groups to fit almost every schedule, fitness level, and the Better Back® for those with osteoporosis and back pain.

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Semi-Private Small Group Descriptions

All classes use a combination of the reformer, tower units, barrels, and auxiliary equipment to tone, sculpt, and redefine your body. Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced classes available

  • Our Reformers are fashioned after the original blueprint designs. Pilates Fit Studio trains you in the original system, the same way Joe Pilates did. With 4 weighted springs and a specific repertoire, you’ll learn to use the springs and your body for strength and tone. 
  • The Tower Units. For the love of springs! Imagine your favorite mat class, now add springs for resistance and a whole new world of muscle burn. By using arm springs, leg springs & the Push Through Bar, you have a new workout, with the ability to tone and strengthen places you probably didn’t even know you had!
  • Incorporating mat. Our classical upholstered raised mats will help you focus on the technique, precision, order, and transitions found in the original Joseph Pilates repertoire.
  • The barrels and auxiliary apparatus used will help to address asymmetries in the body, and work on your individual needs.
  • The Better Back®: This class supports those who have osteoporosis, sciatica, or any disc issue that are not in acute pain. You will focus on strengthening the core muscles, building bone density, and improving balance. This class will improve the quality of your movements, and keep your spine flexible and strong. 

Like Joe, we want you to move, work hard, and keep your spine flexible. Come ready to strengthen and stretch your entire body with the original Pilates work.

If you’re new to Pilates Fit Studio, but not new to Classical Pilates, contact us so we can put you in the appropriate class.

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