On the Go Mat Pilates Video

A quick workout designed to provide you with an at-home-routine when you’re not in the studio. Whether you are new or experienced, these exercises develop core strength, stability, and flexibility.


A few things you will hear me say:

Curling your chin to your chest: This is not a crunch but targets your abdominals.
Pro-tip: Place your hands on the base of your skull, hand over hand. Press your head heavy into your hands so you can create traction for your neck and support your head. Curl up to mid back (where your bra line is), leaving a small space between your chin and neck the size of a small fist. This should not cause strain on any part of your body.

Scoop: Creating a bowl with your belly to connect your abs by drawing them in and up.
Pro tip: Imagine taking a marble on your pubic bone and rolling that marble up to your belly button. Hold the marble in your belly button.

Get skinny in your thighs: We want to engage our legs to connect into our belly, so our whole body is working. The idea of “getting skinny” in the thighs is to wrap your seat without squeezing your butt.
Pro-tip: For some they will find slightly turning out helps and for some, it is better to draw the inner thighs together.

Lift your spine: “The Tall Spine” is just that. Often we lift our shoulders or we lean our upper body back to lift our chest. We want to use our belly and lungs to lift our spine tall, which naturally creates length.
Pro-tip: think of your low belly lifting each vertebra to create space.