The Authentic Method of Pilates


Integrity of the Method: Integrity is what defines our instructors, and as teachers we take responsibility in remaining true to the original Pilates method. The teachers we choose to work with have completed 600-950 hour, apprenticeship certifications in the Classical Method. The teachers here continue their education by studying with those who worked directly with Joseph Pilates direct disciple, Romana Kryzanowska.

Creative Teaching: We design targeted, results programming for a motivating, effective, fun, and safe workout.

Dedicated: We love our clients and are dedicated to each and everyone of them succeeding in their personal goals.

The Authentic Classical Method of Pilates

While Joseph Pilates is no longer alive, his method is carrying on through those who have preserved his work and upheld his teaching.

At Pilates Fit Studio, we give you the complete Classical Pilates experience by teaching you only Classical Pilates and using the authentic apparatus made by GRATZ Industries. GRATZ Industries was asked by Mr. Pilates to manufacture Pilates equipment. GRATZ continues to manufacture and maintain the specific dimensions and proportions for Classical Pilates to strengthen bodies of every age and size.

If you have never experienced a workout on GRATZ apparatus, we invite you take a session and feel the difference.

Joseph H. Pilates spent his life perfecting his method. Experience what a century of tradition can do for you.

Our Mission

At Pilates Fit Studio, we know how hard it is to find a fitness program that brings long term results. We create results targeted programming to meet the needs of all fitness levels and needs, so you can live a longer, healthier life