About Pilates Fit Studio

What is Classical Pilates?

Classical Pilates is the original workout system created by Joseph Pilates. There is a sequence to the work, which was designed to move the body through a full range of movement, in all directions. The sequence builds intelligently with foundational exercises at the beginning and more complex exercises as you gain strength and control. The workouts work ALL parts and not just one component, which makes it a powerful system. Although Joseph Pilates is no longer alive, his work is alive and thriving with the instructors who have preserved and upheld his teaching.

The Pilates Fit Studio Difference

Pilates Fit Studio is staying true to the original work created by Mr. Pilates over a century ago by teaching Authentic Pilates to change our clients lives and bodies. 

Joseph H. Pilates spent his life perfecting his method. Experience what a century of tradition can do for you.

Our Mission

Our mission at Pilates Fit Studio to meet you right where you are to ensure you see the lasting results Pilates brings to every aspect of your life! No matter the goal, each of our instructors encourages a balanced Pilates practice that allows learning and growth in the Pilates method. We want our clients to not only feel successful, but excited for the possibility of reaching new goals!

Why should I choose Pilates Fit Studio?

  • We teach Pilates as it was meant to be: We are keeping the integrity of the method in each of our sessions with all the apparatus Mr. Pilates created, including the historical apparatus.
  • We use the authentic Gratz equipment: the difference is in the dimensions, non-plated springs, low angled leather straps, and slow riding wheels.
  • Locally owned Classical Studio: We specialize in private training and small group classes
  • Certified Teachers: The teachers we choose to work with have completed 600-950 hour certifications in the classical method.
  • Education Facility: Teach anywhere in the world alongside our highly sought after community of certified instructors with our 600 hour Pilates Certification. Teachers from all over join us for our continuing education workshops lead by Industry Leading Educators.