About Pilates Fit Studio

Pilates Fit Studio in Crestwood specializes in the Classical Method of Pilates, as developed by Joseph Pilates. Our beautiful, modern, light-filled studio is equipped with the Authentic equipment, GRATZ and Tirado. The difference is in the dimensions, the non-plated springs, low angled leather straps, and the slow riding wheels; connecting you into each exercise, giving you the results you deserve.

Get to know Pilates Fit Studio - a classical Pilates studio in metro Louisville KY area

Our Training

The foundation of your Pilates journey is your instructor. Going through a certification from a comprehensive classical school is a discipline that takes years to practice and study before you can teach

All of our instructors at Pilates Fit Studio have years of experience and hundreds of hours of practice before they work with clients. The comprehensive teachers we choose to work here have all gone through programs that requires instructors to have 600-950 practice and observation hours under their belt before they work with clients. This insures that our instructors have a superior understanding of the Pilates Method and its practical applications.

Our teachers continue to build upon their knowledge by continuing with weekly lessons, workshops, and multiple Continuing Professional Education seminars a year. We continue to work within the exercises and guidelines of what Romana Kryzanowska (Joseph’s protégé) instilled within us to change our client’s lives and bodies.
Pilates Fit Studio also provides ongoing Pilates teacher training and education as the host studio for The Pilates Center of Boulder school for Classical Pilates.

Why choose Classical Pilates?

Every day it seems a new workout trend that you absolutely HAVE to try is popping up. The ‘so-called’ Pilates trend has shifted to include all sorts of things under the guise of creativity and workouts specifically for great abs, legs, glutes, etc… The good news is that Pilates Fit Studio is not being swayed by passing fancies and short-lived trends. The studio is teaching the original method of Pilates developed by Joseph H. Pilates. Classical Pilates is a tried and true method proven efficacy and isn’t going anywhere.

Owner Erica Walters says, ‘there are a lot of misconceptions that Classical Pilates doesn’t follow science and doesn’t modify movements. That’s simply not true. Modifications are available to those who need them and healthy bodies learn to do the fullest expression of an exercise that’s appropriate for them. With so many layers of the work, your teacher will meet you where you are so that you can not only consistently progress, but have fun doing so.

Because of the deep working knowledge in our own bodies we are able to give you the best Pilates workout in Louisville/Crestwood. We strive to give you the highest level of a Pilates workout, paying attention to details and customizing it to your specific goals and individual body.

Jospeh H. Pilates spent his life perfecting his method; Experience what a century of tradition can do for you!

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Active in the local community

Pilates Fit Studio is an active supporter of the Families for Effective Autism Treatment (FEAT) Louisville and Carriage House Educational Services. This autism cause is dear to the heart of the owner of the studio Erica and her husband, Mike, who have a son with mild autism.

The therapy needed for any child on the spectrum is overwhelming for the child and the family. Many families do not have insurance that covers the most needed therapy, ABA, so we are happy to partner with these local organizations to provide assistance for the families and help fund the autism research.

The studio also supports local schools and sponsors South Oldham High School band and Ballard High School Soccer team.