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April 24th, 11 am – 1pm

  • Cover the details of the Real Pilates Teacher Training program, including payment plans and career opportunities
  • Mini workout
  • Meet the host
  • Tour the studio

Class of 2021 begins June 4th.

  • Pilates Fit Studio is a trusted partner and Host studio for New York’s renowned, Real Pilates. The Real Pilates Teacher Training program (RPTT) is a licensed vocational school and is one of the most respected and rigorous Pilates education programs in the industry.
  • The right kind of education is key. Learn to teach the original Pilates method the way it was intended.
  • This is a 600-hour professional program that has a live apprenticeship and academic program all in one.
  • The education methodology is specific, and not exercises on a list. You will learn the anatomy of the method, the intent of the method, program design, and how to work with all conditions and ages. You will learn to teach on every piece of apparatus ever created by Joseph Pilates, including the historical apparatus.
  • The program is scientifically sound and was created by Alycea Ungaro, a licensed physical therapist. Alycea trained at the original studio in NYC under Romana Kryzanowska, Joseph Pilates’ protege.
  • Real Pilates is global and you will have an international network of support.
  • Pilates Fit Studio is Kentucky’s only fully equipped authentic studio with the original GRATZ apparatus -which is the perfect ratio of strength to stretch. Joseph Pilates trusted GRATZ to ensure the integrity of the method and so do we.
  • Experience the original and you’ll never have to retrain as a Pilates instructor.

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