Pilates Teacher Training & Continued Education

Be a leader in the industry and train with the best. Learning the Authentic Method of Pilates on the apparatus Joseph Pilates designed with GRATZ Industries will make you hirable anywhere in the world. Pilates Fit Studio believes in excellence on all levels by offering teacher training in the Classical Pilates Method and bringing industry leading teachers to present continued education workshops.

We create well-rounded Pilates teachers who are competent, educated and able to work with clients of all ages, genders and fitness levels.

Continuing Education Workshops

Shari Berkowitz

Oct 5 & 6, 2019

October 5th
Workshop 1:Variations to the MAX
Workshop 2: Keys to Pilates Success

October 6th
Workshop 1: Archival Baby Arm Chair, Ped-o-Pul, Arms Springs
Workshop 2: Thoracolumbar Fascia: The Second Brain of Movement


  • $550 Full Weekend
  • $300 Single Day
  • $35 Magic Circle Mat Class on Oct 6th *10 participants
shari berkowits

Teacher Training

Real Pilates NYC trains you from the source, the primary technique and methods created by Joseph Pilates himself.

Mr. Pilates gave his signature body of work to Romana Kryzanowska and she gave it to Alycea Ungaro. Now she offers them to you through the Real Pilates Teacher Training program. 

You’ll learn every exercise, every variation and every piece of equipment ever created by Joseph Pilates. You’ll learn how to train, how to challenge and how to truly inspire your clients.

Over four seminars weekends, and 600 hours of practical and academic study you’ll become a bona fide expert in the classical system that was Joseph Pilates’ life’s work. As a 3rd generation instructor, you’ll get to carry on his legacy.

Pilates starts here. Learn the practice the way “Uncle Joe” invented it.

We can show you how.

Real Pilates NYC founder Alycea Ungaro

It was 1984 when Alycea took her 1st Pilates class and she never looked back. When she finally walked into Drago’s Gym to meet Romana Kryzanowska in 1993, she knew she had found her home in the Pilates method. Alycea has been a pioneer of the Pilates system bringing some of the first mat Pilates classes to NYC.  Since her early teaching days, she has steadily expanded her original home studio into the Real Pilates company. Spanning 3 NYC studios and an international training program, Alycea focuses daily on a single mission: inspire students to greatness, teachers to excellence and the industry to evolve and expand.

Contact us for details on getting certified in the Authentic Method with Real Pilates NYC.