ERICA WALTERS. Owner, Certified Teacher, Education Advisor

Erica Walters is the founder of Pilates Fit Studio, a top studio dedicated to the authentic Pilates method. She has been certified and teaching full time since 2005. Erica’s personal teaching style is both encouraging and motivating with an emphasis on good technique, precision, and control. Erica trains students of all ages and fitness levels, but she is most sought out for her knowledge of a woman’s body and The Better Back® class she created for people with osteoporosis and back issues.

Erica is a graduate of New York’s renowned Real Pilates Teacher Training program, MeJo Wiggin’s Classical Syllabus, and is an Advanced Graduate of The Pilates Center of Boulder. In addition to her Pilates education, she holds a BA in Human Communications from Arizona State University.

Erica hails from Southern California and has had the opportunity to teach Classical Pilates to private clients, small groups, and in corporate settings in San Diego, Scottsdale, Dallas, and Oklahoma City, while her husband fulfilled his duties as a pilot in the Air Force. Now that her husband has retired from the Air Force, they have settled in Louisville with their son and two dogs. Erica opened Pilates Fit Studio in 2014 in her home when she moved to Louisville, and built a devoted following that allowed her to expand to a commercial location in 2017.

Erica is recognized in the Pilates community as an educator and advocate of the Authentic Pilates Method. She is committed to her clients’ wellness, her instructors careers, offering teacher training with Real Pilates of New York City, and providing world-wide recognized continued education programs to the greater Pilates community. Additionally, Erica has been a guest writer in the Reader Platform for Pilates Style Magazine, lead fitness clips for Blink Energy Water in LA, and was an adjunct professor for the Department of Exercise and Sport Science at Oklahoma City University. She has been featured in Crestwood Neighbors Magazine, the Oldham Era, and Pilates Bridge.

LAUREN BRUKER, Certified Teacher

Lauren Bruker has been a leader in the fitness scene for over a decade teaching in New York, Los Angeles, and Austin. During her career as an indoor cycling instructor she experienced a lower back injury that helped introduce her to Pilates. She became instantly hooked. Lauren loved the one on one attention, the small group classes, and how Pilates helped alleviate fatigue and imbalance her body had been experiencing for years.

As a former dancer and BFA graduate Lauren has always been drawn to movement. After college she quickly received her NASM personal training and 200 hour Yoga Alliance certifications and began training clients privately. In 2009 she was one of SoulCycle’s- NYC’s premiere indoor cycling studio, first instructors. She helped open SoulCycle studios all over the country and expanded the company’s teacher training program from 2009-2017. She completed the Soma Space 600 hour Classical Pilates Certification in Austin, TX in 2018 and MeJo Wiggin’s Classical Syllabus in 2019. This Louisville native is thrilled to finally return home and be a part of the Louisville Pilates and movement community.

ANITA PARK, Certified Teacher

rk Pilates instructor in Louisville KY

Anita Park is a native of Canada, and originally came to Bloomington, Indiana, to study at the IU Jacobs School of Music. She has a Masters in piano and a Ph.D. in Hispanic Literature, also from IU. Being an enthusiastic food lover, she learned early in life that her love of food must be balanced with movement! As a young girl, she often worked out with her mother after her younger siblings were born. She practiced calisthenics all throughout her teenage and young adult years. She discovered Pilates over a decade ago and has stuck with it since then. She is an Advanced graduate of The Pilates Center, Boulder.

MOLLY MITCHELL, Certified Teacher

Molly Mitchell Pilates student teacher in Crestwood KY

Molly Mitchell completed her Classical Pilates program with the Vertical Workshop and holds a Pilates and CoreAlign certification through Balanced Body.

Molly has been teaching Pilates full time since 2015. Before returning home to Louisville, she taught group classes, semi-privates, and private sessions at EHS Pilates in San Francisco and at Rise Bodyworks in Alameda. Since returning to Louisville, she went to school for massage therapy.

Molly became a Pilates enthusiast when knee, shoulder, and low back pain threatened her dance hobby and Pilates classes proved an effective antidote and technique refinement tool. She is always seeking to know more about movement and has completed additional education in tailoring the Pilates repertoire to address prenatal and postnatal fitness, scoliosis, dance technique training, and foot and gait therapy. For Molly, the power of Pilates is in its adaptability to meet you where you are and create a path toward your goals, whether that is walking with ease or training for the circus. As a teacher, her objective is to empower each client to be a wise steward of their own body and connect to the joy in moving well.