The talent pool at Pilates Fit Studio isn’t just sassy and fun, they’re deeply educated, highly intuitive, and incredibly experienced in matters of the body. Our Classical Pilates training teaches instructors how to develop their eye because we know that is the single most important part of any Pilates session. How and what we see in you – makes all the difference, especially in our virtual Pilates training.


You will sweat just as hard on your home mat, and in our Spring Fit class. We promise.

All live-stream group classes are available to book online – every class you see listed is LIVE, and all of your favorite instructors are ready to get started.

New Client Special

4 Live Stream Spring Fit Groups


Classical Mat Pilates:

It’s you and the mat. We will follow the Classical Mat repertoire. You can expect a fantastic workout in 45 min, leaving your muscles aching for more. Open Level

Spring Fit:

For the love of springs! Spring-Fit Tower in-studio is done on the tower units and classical upholstered raised mats. Live stream works alongside the Spring-Fit class in-studio and uses a “Pilates Stick”, which attaches to a door. With the resistance from the arm springs, leg springs, and the roll down bar, you will tone in places you didn’t even know you had! 50 min. Open level

Purchase the Pilates Stick here

Follow these steps to book group classes online:


View online schedule to find class time that works for you


Book your class & turn on “email” notifications to receive the zoom link.


We will send you a link to our virtual studio


Virtual Pilates training Sessions are being offered live online and will have you working just as hard as you are in the studio. We will help you purchase some of the Pilates auxiliary apparatus, and use what you have in your home to increase your workouts.

3 Intro Private Lessons & 1 FREE Foundation Mat Video


Things to buy to enhance your classes and private lessons, but are not required. 

Small Ball: here
Exercise Tube: here
Magic Circle: here
Toe Corrector: here
Pilates Stick: here
(required for Spring Fit class)

Ankle weights: here
Hand weights: 1, 2, 3, or 5 lbs are fine.
Tomato paste cans = 1 lb;
Soup can = 2 lbs.

  • Register for a Zoom videoconferencing account (free), and download the Zoom app to the device you intend to use (computer, laptop, tablet or phone). Get Zoom here:
  • A mat or other padded surface with good traction
  • Hand weights, ankle weights, theraband, and a magic circle are bonuses, but not required (see links above for our recommendations)

Register online for the class as soon as you are able and make sure you turn on “email” notifications.

Our software, MindBody Online, will email out the Zoom meeting link to all registered participants 12 hours before the scheduled class time (when the early cancelation window ends). Make sure you are checking the email we have on file.

Online registration for Virtual classes closes 75 minutes before class begins. 

If I have technical difficulties logging into Zoom, who do I contact? 502-797-5068